Tomeu Arbona and his team at Forn de la Soca are collaborating with Jewish Majorca to take the “saïm” (lard) out of the ensaïmada and put the “jala” (challah) back in it. Introducing the ENJALAMADA now sold locally in Palma. In Medieval times, the Jews cooked their special braided brioche-like bread for Friday nights, and when they were converted there are some that believe they inserted pork into their baking in order to show the Majorcan Inquisition their complete change in their beliefs, including the conversion of their foods. This is a possible explanation of where the most popular Majorcan pastry – the ensaïmada – might have its origins. You can read more below. Put in orders for the ENJALAMADA by latest every Wednesday before 8p in order to have it ready for Friday in Palma. Please note: the bakery itself is not kosher. Currently there are no kosher establishments in Palma.

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