Part 5

Taste of Spain – Jewish Roots in Today’s Cuisine

Come on a culinary adventure as we take a cooking class with two members of the Majorca Jewish community. We will discover some Jewish roots in the local gastronomy on the island today. Bring your apron as we will send out the recipe in advance so you can participate with us! Make sure to have a lovely glass of Spanish red or white wine as we cook together! With their online virtual cooking class, Carla & Dani Rotstein bring personal stories while cooking up a Mediterranean meal as if they were right in your kitchen. They will highlight the Spanish island’s not-so-secret gastronomic recipes. By the end of the class you will even know what the phrase “Bon Profit” means in Catalan! Are you ready to discover some of the Jewish roots in the local cuisine and learn how to make one of its signature dishes yourself?

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