Virtual Tour Reviews

Lori Hammel

Springfield Chapter of Hadassah

The program was phenomenal. We have all seen a lot of programs and speakers this past year and truly, yours ranks among the best. I am already getting texts and emails from attendees telling me what a wonderful program this was. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge as well as your very well put together audio and video presentation. Really a wow!

April H

The virtual tour was arranged as a Mother’s Day present from my son. It was wonderful! From start to finish, Dani was a delightful tour guide who brought the history of Jewish Majorca alive. Highly recommend!!

Hilary – Asheville NC

I recently had a chance to “visit” Jewish Majorca, and had a really great experience. We zoomed on five consecutive Sunday afternoons, and I learned an amazing amount. I’d read a couple of books about the conversos, but the knowledge Dani, our tour guide, brought, and the places he took us really made things come to life. (He took us into a hidden tunnel, likely used by “secret Jews” to join others for forbidden services.) I looked forward to every zoom-day, and each one Dani presented was different, culminating with a cooking demo by his wife Carla, from their own kitchen. I recommend this series to any history buff; it will give you context, deepen your knowledge, and definitely make you want to return to Majorca in person.

Jorge I. Piñeiro

Thank you, for all you do to keep the Xuetas history alive and not forgotten in Mallorca and around the World!

Leila Van Gelder

I retired this past year and was supposed to be traveling until Covid. Your zoom tours have been such an important part of my Covid survival kit.
Who knows when I’ll land on your island one day…. It could happen!

Marley Stein

I have loved every virtual tour that I have taken through Jewish tours Majorca. The guide have been engaging and personable, knowledgeable and responsive to questions. This site has provided me with the ability to travel in a time when travel has been prohibitive. I have learned so much and look forward to my “trips” every week. I highly recommend exploring the world with Jewish Majorca!

Stacey Hess – The Jewish Federations of North America

The Fellows were actively engaged, asking great questions, and the many many many “this was awesome!” comments in the chat box at the end of the session testify to how much they enjoyed themselves.
I absolutely love your presenting style, Dani. You’re very open, personable, and immediately make everyone feel at ease – no small feat given we’re all on screen.  I so appreciate it!

Lisa Kessler

By far the best virtual tour I’ve ever taken – I will take any tour you offer. Thank you Dani!

Susan H

Dani is an amazing gifted guide and is perfect for tuning in to special Jewish and unique Majorca history. Virtually made us feel right there.

Golda Shkolnick

Dani, you have such a talent for what you are doing…your knowledge and enthusiasm are outstanding.

David Silverman

Have been to Majorca briefly on a cruise but this is so much more interesting and fascinating. Will have to return!

Denise G

Very enjoyable program. Hearing a non-Jewish woman chanting Aveinu Malkenu in Majorca where Jews were murdered centuries before was inspiring!

Emily L

Incredby special and hidden history! For anyone interested in history, especially Jewish or European history, this tour is an absolute must! Dani’s passion for the subject shines through on his tours, as he walks you through the incredibly rich and complex history of the Jews in Mallorca. This history is full of hidden symbols that you can in fact still find around Palma today. Such an amazing experience!

Stacey Hess

The story of the chuetas in Mallorca was something I hardly knew or had heard before hearing from the Jews of Dubai and Majorca was really great. I loved learning about Majorca, it was so engaging and has been my favorite session so far. I really enjoyed the elective session on the Lost Jews of Majorca Island and felt that Mr. Rotstein did an excellent job at giving a well-rounded description of a community about which I hardly knew a thing.

Hot Air Zoom Balloon Reviews

Ellen Newman

I am by nature a curious person and having been given the opportunity to learn about the various Jewish communities around the world has been exhilaratingly. Hopping on the Hot Air Balloon each week has been so helpful in surviving these endless lockdowns. I have learned so very much and I share my knowledge with friends. The presenters have been by and large outstanding. During this past winter the presentations were the highlight of my week.
You and Mariano have created a wonderful community of people with a shared curiosity and interest in Judaism. Your hard work and enthusiasm for your profession shows in each presentation.

Susan S

Well, once again, you hit it out of the park.  Thank you and your group for all your work.

Hank Glickman

One of the best presentations I’ve ever heard anywhere…

Sandy Teger

Thanks so much Mariano! I really appreciate it. Each session shows the personality of the host, as well as so much about the place and its history. I’m hooked on your balloon tours. Sandy.

Margie Yavil

Hi Dani, I just viewed the Australian video and I thought that it was excellent!!
Thank you for sending it!!

Arlene Louzon

Even though I have been to Krakow I learned things I never knew before! I so much enjoyed the tour and the tour guide was a pleasure to watch. She was informative, funny and passionate. It was a pleasure returning to Krakow!

 Elaine Jay

I have been so busy at home and the virtual travel has made such a difference to me! All my friends are impressed with how I’ve spent my time these past 18 months. Not just travel. So many other educational and informative lectures and discussions!

Lilli Massey

I love the tours you and Mariano have organized! During zoom travel it has been the best without getting on a plane! Learnt a lot. Many thanks for your efforts to put Hot Air Balloon together! Best to you , Lilli from LA

Sylvie Bordzuk

Thank you so much for bringing Jewish communities around the world to our living rooms / dens / phones, etc. I am becoming more and more interested in my Jewish heritage with each visit, especially having been brought up with a not particularly strong Jewish identity.

Sheryl A Roberts

Hi, I just finished watching the Hot Air Balloon trips I missed. One is better than the other. They have been fabulous. The speakers you lined up were wonderful. I hope you continue this.
Thank you so much.

Donna Neubauer

This was by far, the best, most professional, easily understood presentation you have ever given us. Kudos to Dani for his connection to Naftali. This one session was worth the price of the entire three month series!

Janice Aarons – Maccabi GB

I would just like to thank you so much for organising a fantastic live walking tour of Prague. Lucie was brilliant and the feedback has been great!

Robin Cohen – Milwaukee

I just watched this with my daughter-in-law whose mother was born in Jurba. She was so excited to see it and also her grandmother was alive and came to Israel with her mother. She recognized the different foods and the way they dressed. Thank you again for making these trips available.

 Janet Baker

I enjoy it HAZB tours very much, they’re all excellent and open up worlds of Judaism I didn’t even know existed. Thanks for all you do to make it happen.

Special Program Reviews

Janet Hod

Another phenomenal tour. I am sooooooooooooo very very grateful that I found Jewish Majorca!!!

Ellen Newman

This is so exciting! This is the second year the Lag B’Omer barbecue has been cancelled in our shul without any celebration. I am so pleased that there is an event I can tune into to celebrate. Thank you Jewish Majorca for thinking out of the box!

Gloria Small

Thank you for an outstanding learning experience! One of the best programs I have seen!

Gloria Small

Thank you for an outstanding learning experience! One of the best programs I have seen!

In Person Tour Reviews

Jessica Hendricks Yee

This tour was outstanding! Dani is so incredibly knowledgeable, and so passionate that you can’t help but feel deeply passionate about the Jewish history on the island too. The island has a wild secret history, with important stories that need to be shared. I’m so grateful to Dani for creating this tour and keeping this history alive. Fabulous for anyone, I’d definitely recommend it!

Gabriela Overdorff-Ferriol

Teacher at Escola Global in Majorca

Bringing my History students on this tour is always a major highlight of the year. They develop a layered historical lens on Palma and its Jewish history and have fun discovering things they’ve never noticed before. Dani is a funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide and I highly recommend this tour!

Moira Taubenfeld

Our group of 4 hired Dani to show us around Mallorca for 3 days, which included the Jewish tour. Dani is a true professional eager to share his knowledge through extensive research that he’s done on his own of the (obscure) Jewish history in Mallorca. We learned so much! I highly recommend this tour! Dani’s delivery is very entertaining, and kept our interest at all times.

Ellie Eisenberg

The tour, delving into the Jewish history of Palma is both interesting & interactive. Our guide (Dani) is knowledgeable and full of passion, which is clearly reflected in the engaging way he leads the tour. He also injects humor and wit during the walk, while adapting to the groups age & ability – making this suitable for all who want to join. I highly recommend a tour with Jewish Mallorca for anyone & everyone who is interested in Palma, it’s beautiful streets, wonderful atmosphere & fascinating history.

Carol Goldberg

Dani, was such a treat! The day totally surpassed our expectations. He was personable, knowledgable, engaging,entertaining, and kept our interest with challenges to enhance the experience. He is a real mensche!! He helped bring the history alive, and gave us such an understanding of it. If you are there, don’t miss this!! Best on luck in your endeavors to further build the Jewish community in your home.

Aubrey Sint

Hi Dani. Thanks so much for the great tour yesterday. It was so informative and we loved all your anecdotes which truly make it memorable. We were saying that we’ve all been coming to Majorca for over 30 years and never went to the areas that you showed us. Keep up the good work and may you you and family make the whole community stronger and stronger.

Audio Guide Reviews

Joshua Gunsberger

What an amazing walk-and-listen experience! Dani our guide was so genuine and his passion for such an amazing story made this tour fascinating. His pivot to offering incredible audio guided tours is unlike anything I have ever listened to before and is a cultural breath of fresh air!

Patrick Y

Smart, engaging, fascinating, interactive and so much history, experience and storytelling wrapped into this tour! Dani brings the history to life in an accessible way for anyone, so I couldn’t more highly recommend this!

Eric A. Heilig

This tour was amazing. The route showed us a side of Mallorca we did not know about. It was very interactive, fun and engaging and gave us a lot to think and talk about, something we do still up to today. Thank you for showing us this part of Jewish History and we can’t wait to return and explore more of it. We couldn’t recommend this audio guided tour more highly to anyone trying to do something very special during their stay on Mallorca.

(name not given)

Super interesting tour! I am so happy it was available on the app. I am Sephardic and my family originates from Spain so this was very insightful and helpful to understand our Jewish history. Definitely recommend this tour! Now I see Mallorca in a whole new way an I’m impressed at how the narrator has taken the lead on keeping the history alive. Thank you!

Cooking Classes Reviews

Rick Rogow

Wonderful combination of food, humor, love, history. Thank you, Dani.

Jane & Steve Chernof

Dani and Mariano, Thank you for the history lessons and cooking demonstration. Your videos of the streets and sites of Majorca were very interesting and put the historical anecdotes into context. A wonderful way to spend four hours. Jane and Steve Chernof from Milwaukee

Becca – Chicago

Had such a wonderful experience participating in a virtual cooking class with Dani and Carla! We explored Jewish Majorca through stories, videos, and delicious food — such a fun, interactive experience for myself and my group! Would highly recommend.