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Thursday, February 10th

4pm EST

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Jews have been living in Ecuador since the Spanish conquest in the 1500s, but those early Sephardic families almost completely assimilated. Today, Ecuador has only about 800 Jews. The majority live in Quito, the beautiful capital city nestled near the equator at an elevation of 9,350 feet. Dani Rotstein, founder of JM, is currently traveling through Ecuador and will join the spiritual leader of the Quito community, Rabbi Nir Koren, on a live walking tour of the multi-million dollar Jewish community center. The lawyer-turned rabbi speaks Spanish, English and Hebrew fluently. In his mid-thirties, Rabbi Koren, originally from Israel and married to Andrea, an Argentinian, has spent his rabbinic career strengthening small Spanish-speaking Jewish communities around the world. You won’t want to miss this live tour!

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Susan S


Well, once again, you hit it out of the park. Thank you and your group for all your work.

Sylvie Bordzuk


Thank you so much for bringing Jewish communities around the world to our living rooms / dens / phones, etc. I am becoming more and more interested in my Jewish heritage with each visit, especially having been brought up with a not particularly strong Jewish identity.

Hank Glickman


One of the best presentations I’ve ever heard anywhere…

Sheryl A Roberts


Hi, I just finished watching the Hot Air Balloon trips I missed. One is better than the other. They have been fabulous. The speakers you lined up were wonderful. I hope you continue this. Thank you so much.